Messages are retrieved for you from the quantum field for your growth. 



Kaitlyn's offering though Oracle Card Readings is intended for clarity and messages from the quantum field to drop into her awareness when tuning into your energy. Kaitlyn connects with her higher self and source to relay insights and messages through channeled writing. This writing will be encoded with keys and light to activate DNA and remembering's of ones innate power and inner wisdom. Kaitlyn's role is to direct you inward to bring soul aspects home that are wanting to be heard and listened to. In doing so the whisperings of your soul can be enlivened through her activations in her words. After reading and receiving one will feel deep a connection and clarity. the more cards pulled the more in depth Kaitlyn will go.  



After exchanging, Kaitlyn will send you the encoded reading for you to receive the energy and open to what it is the universe presents.  



Invitation for one question per card, If there is a specific question you would like to ask. Please ask in the notes section.  

If not, allow whatever is divinely aligned with you to flow through. 


Kaitlyn tunes into the quantum field so the messages will be of alignment with your energy and transmitted for growth and alignment to that which is your soul.  Kaitlyn is passionate about ending suffering here on earth and she has gained many keys and codes to assist others now in discovering their true self and soul essence. She finds pleasure in offering the space for people to find the keys and codes to remembering who they truly are and bring liberation to all that has/is suffering.  

She has a love message for you.  

You have been called to this for a divine reason. 



Infinite love.  



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