Welcoming the New

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I welcome this new cycle of time. New ways of being, New ways of releasing. New ways of moving through and flying high. New ways of communicating. New creations. New abundance. As it feels new but is already ingrained into my being. New way of trusting. Uncovering the higher aspects of myself. Raising myself up. I am done with tearing down. New way of listening. New way of feeling and tapping into the energy. New way of creativity. It has always been within me. I just needed to get rid of all the shit first. I can feel the cosmic orgasmic kundalini energy rising up. Much celebration for how I'm travelling. It gets clearer and clearer each day and I am so excited to live each day and my life!!! I want to really feel myself... like really feel my true self and express her with ease and fluency. I greet people with my magical energy enveloping them in my bliss and orgasmic love. I am true. I live from my truest expression. I see through the veils now and see into the divine essence of all.

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