Today's Insight - From Indecisiveness

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I am starting to become aware of a cycle that has been occurring in my life for quite some time now. Every so often I come to state of nothingness. A state of a what I would call feeling "just weird". Every time I would come to the phase I would catch on to it being a cycle and every time I was reminded to honor this process. I am now aware that the weirdness I feel is my body re-calibrating to the high frequencies I expanded my consciousness into.  I am aware now also that in this phase, a lot would come to the surface to be seen. What would come up would be unconscious aspects of myself showing up to be transmuted and dissolved so that I may move forward without it's density and weight to expand even further into my truth. 

At one phase in my journey I became aware of what people would call the flow and ebb of life. Which was explained as the natural rising and falling of our life, both serving divine purposes. As I expand my consciousness, there comes more expansive ways of seeing things. Now I see it as an expansion and contraction. Expansion occurring as ones consciousness expands, experiencing states of love and bliss. Contraction occurring as ones expanded consciousness is integrated into ones physical body; meaning that as we have expanded our consciousness to a new way of being, we must align our physical reality (our mind and body) to aligning to that vibration of expanded consciousness. We tend to 'go big 'and then we come back to our programs also known as ego as there is an imbalance that must be bought into our awareness. This is such a gift and a blessing once we really start to do the inner work of clearing away programs. Once we choose to see the programs and do the work, we grow in unimaginable ways. Doing the work can be as simple and is as simple as listening to our heart and relaxing into a state of pure presence. If we have not listened to our truth and have let the programs and ego run wild, we will need to learn how to start listening to and uncover our truth. This was initiated within me through reading "The Power of Now" which taught me to find pure presence. To give space for insights and truth to surface, instead off filling my mind and reality with illusions of my programs. This was a process and still I am reminded to make space and let go of thought patterns that arise from my programs. Because energy goes where attention flows, and who doesn’t want a reality that shines. Nobody wants a sticky icky yucky reality. But still, this reality shows us where we can grow. Wisdom comes from experience and these programs are initiations into a higher self that will burst through the doors as we unblock and open them.   To be in a program unconsciously allows these programs to influence our life and can allow them to run our life. To choose consciousness and choose the reality we want we do have to choose to see and become aware of the programs that keep us in the reality of fear and lack. It really is simple. Fear or love. 

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