Today I feel freshly born. Almost like iv now embodied parts that needed to die to resurrect. This is my resurrection in the same body. And I feel new but tender. I feel open yet weary of my new foundations. They are strong and I am landing. I feel like the unknown is the strongest its ever been in these moments yet through that is deep clarity. I feel a deep softening and surrender after moments of death. After moments where I find the inner workings of my traumas which bring them back home. Fragments returning and data collected. Learning how to embody every moment. Learning to open in my heart and surrender the ego who has been hushed through reclamation of my power. And here I stand, open , humbled and soft. In this space of nothingness. In this space of not being able to enact much more than tuning into the stillness. The openness that reaches through all the spaces in the universe. It feels vast and so mysterious. it feels magnificent yet so huge my ego is weary. Sweet surrender in my heart cradles me through the waves and the fractals. The sweet symphony of my spirit team ushering me along the highest. Ushering me to the death of ego so that I may resurrect and begin anew with new coordinates and codes.

You feels this. The expansive is integrating into you. The whole universe and your deepest dreams are now sending new codes out. You density has lifted and you are now able to almost touch your new reality. You can smell it and hear it and feel it and your body is recoding to believe all this. You are here. Here is where the magic happens through all the discomfort and shedding and re-coding with your trust you will soar through. Deep wild woman, grace is now your ally. Deep wild woman, the earth is embedded within every cell of your body. She is graceful and wild. And so are you. You are the same. And you are embodying her through your union of trinity.

This is the unknown that is so willingly knocking at your door for you to be free. The unknown is the clarity of isness. It is the commander of the known. And we are the commanders of the unknown. We are the creators. And in this space of unknown, creation is purest. In every breath creation is embodied with that of the codes emitted to create. Creation is our experience and the unknown is our cradle. The void. The feminine. The darkness. This is our space where creation is birthed. The silent usher into the space where creation is birthed.

The unknown. The darkness. The nothingness. Interesting how much we have been programmed to view and judge these parts of the universe and yet these are the parts that set us free. These are the parts that hold us, these are the parts that allow deep mystery and discovery. The silence and space in-between allows everything. Remembering this allows deep honor and reverence for the silence in the universe and within yourself. The great void of darkness become interconnected into one innerrstanding. Where darkness is the ally of the wild woman. And where the feminine allows the masculine to light the way within. Where the feminine and masculine within us all put down their armor and leave the battle fields of every war within the consciousness of oneself. Becoming so deeply connected and shedding the layers of fear around the darkness gives way for the true secrets of the universe to mystify in your field. The true secrets of you usher you into this darkness and void, where the ego is uncomfortable and only wants to regain control or run away. The ego only wants control over us so the secrets cannot be heard from the whisperings of the universe. And we give control up to the mind and ego and only end up in a more painful place. The stillness and the darkness ushers you to deepen into her. The void, the nothingness, she ushers in deep honor and reverence from you. Will you soften and deepen into her embrace? Will you devour in the deep mystery that is stirring in the cosmos. In you. Will you become silent and present enough in the surrendering to the deep void to hear her whispers? To feel her ushering you deeper into your peace? And now as you are all on the pinnacle of the unknown, can you hear her ushering you to trust her? To trust the space in you? For creation to be birthed. For your creation and new world to be birthed through you. Through her stillness and deep darkness. Can you trust her? Can you trust the darkness and love her for creating the space for you to bring through your divine codes of creation and existence. This is the grand archway into oness. To bring your creation through your deep dark beautiful void.

The dark void is so confused with the matrix of fear here on earth. Please remember she is so beyond any constructs that we made by mind here on earth. The deep void and darkness has so much to show you, will you surrender to her silence?

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