Message from The Council Of Light

Greetings of the most high. We come to you in this time now to transmit a message for not only you, but for the whole. 

There has been a much bigger plan that is currently taking place within both light and dark aspects as many of you will know deep down. Globally this is taking the main stage and personally people are choosing their timeline experience through their frequency and level of consciousness..

Our message to you is that you do not need to understand what is occurring on a larger picture within the universe. We invite you to focus upon the energy you are emitting into the grid of this planet. Which grid systems are you fueling? Fear or Love? 

Those who have practiced faith and divine trust in the larger scheme of things and their divine soul are now easing their way through this, knowing that the alchemical process of this shift is divinity unfolding and anchoring here. And they know this through their experience and willingness to bring this through them. This is an internal shift within each that is creating a new earth here. It is within each one of you that the new is birthed. It is within your individual journeys that lead us to liberation as a planet. 

Everything is clicking into place and the ones that no longer have a place in that alignment will no longer be able to stay in your alignment. This is a shift in dimensions for each through the cleansing of the old. You must trust your soul dear ones. It is carrying you through and guiding you into the highest timeline. We are guiding you. There are many who is in deep reverence for every one of you who are working through the alchemical process of your DNA evolution and activation.  This does not go unnoticed in the universe beyond your planet and we are here in assistance to you. We always have been. We only want the absolute highest for every being here on earth. 

There is no need to be thinking with your head in this time. This is a time of deep presence and surrender to the larger scheme of things. The larger scheme of things being your soul. The presence of the deep love and presence of the moment will always be your home. In the unknown. In the nowness. Mystery in its most magical form. Surrender dear loves. No need to fight or fear. Soften into the deep presence of stillness where your soul is. Allow the energy in motion. Observe the energy in motion. Support and love this energy in motion because an open heart portal is the gateway into your soul and beyond. Fragments are returning for love. To be heard. To be seen. Trust this. We invite you to embrace all aspects of self and other. Honor all aspects of self and others. Because you are all walking these fragments of soul back home. We invite you to not push away or neglect yourself and judge yourself. We invite you to look at your self with loving eyes especially when your head is in fragmented consciousness. This is the unification on an individual, global and universal level. Unification of our soul and waking from the deep sleep so that you may choose your reality's freely from your soul instead of programs that run from degenerated DNA. Remembering of the divine birth right you all have in free will and now restructuring the very DNA and cell structure of your bodies and consciousness. Each moment at a time. Each moment in the now. 

Because we want you to flow freely! Connected and feeling anchored into the fibers of who you truly are. We want you to feel joy and do everything that which you love! And that is why you are being journeyed to these deep parts and bringing them home. We want you be you whoever you are, whatever aspect you are and embrace it! Because we want you to remember your freedom as a birthright. We want you to remember your power in precision when connected to the now. We want you to remember where your power lies. And we want you to remember who you truly are. There are many sparks that are spreading through the earth that are of new ways. The space you have created here through transcending the old has allowed the light of a new dawn to rise. This you will know as new passions and inspirations, new motives and directions. We are creating a new web of light now through our hearts so that we all may live in harmony and you may be free of all that has limited you from being your highest expression of freedom and love. 

With this last message we would like to remind you of the listening's of your very cells in your body. Your thoughts carry vibration which is then transmitted into the body and the body listens and en-trains that vibration of the thought. Thoughts can be passing clouds or raging storms. No matter the weather it is what we as the observer choose to direct when the thought comes in. This is how we can start to decipher what we choose to be in our reality and what we choose to feed our body's, in vibration. Reassurance and love to a thought which is not gives it the opportunity to be safe in its presence and feel loved. This shifts the whole world one choice at a time. No matter what is unfolding internally we can always bring safety and love to that feeling to be. 

There is a divine re-arrangement on many levels of consciousness to shift this world into the next phase of evolution. This is such a huge shift in time and if you are here, congratulations. We are stepping into a new day together as one. We invite you to take the time to connect into the now which allows your quantum reality to come online. From this space of presence comes all that you dream of and much much more. We love you. We are you. The more that comes online the more you will feel and know this deep within your cells. Reconfiguration feels weird for humans. Support your body mind and spirit like you would a innocent baby, listen to the body and give it what it needs to feel supported and loved. 

We are the Council of light and we bring you many deep blessings in our words through Kaitlyn.

 One love. 

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