Explaining crystals

  • Crystal healing is really based on physics and the principles of energy.

  • All crystals have this unique, subtle blueprint, this energetic vibration that's based on their molecular structure.

  • So in a crystal, the molecules that form the crystal are stacked in a repeating pattern in this really, really precise way according to a crystalline blueprint and this creates an orderly form, both physically and energetically and this allows the crystal to take on this perfect stable structure. When you take that perfect stable vibration and you bring it into your own energy field which as we all know isn't always so perfect and stable, your body starts to go through the process of Entrainment and actually starts to mimic the vibration of that crystal. So this means that your aura begins to take on the stability of the crystal's energy frequency and it brings your body and energy field back into a place of balance. So this is kind of bringing physics and metaphysics together in a way that creates more balance in body, mind and spirit.



  • Chakras can be most likened to little satellite dishes.

  • think of them as these little satellite dishes that go out to the universe and they send and receive energy.

  • It's like they're a little communication centers so they pick up energetic messages from outside of your energy body and then they beam that energy or information back to your aura or energy field where it's interpreted by your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, all of your pseudo bodies.

  • there’s a flood of energy constantly coming into these little satellite dishes,

  • Overtime your Chakra centers can become imbalanced and that's what gets really challenging.

  • When your Chakra centers are out of balance, it's hard to be in the flow of things and feel like yourself.

  • This can manifest itself in tons of different ways.

  • each Chakra center governs a different area of your life, a different part of your emotions, of your physical body.

  • The Chakras are connected to these individual parts of yourself. When there's an area in one particular Chakra, it can usually be a good indicator to look at that part of either your physical body or emotional body, your spiritual body or your physical body.

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