Belief and Intention

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I feel it is important to express the importance of these two energies as they are a significant role in our lives. Even if we don't initially see this, our beliefs shape and form our realities, along with our intentions.

This is a form of creation. What we intend is what we are calling forth. If we are not really intending anything it leaves it open for whatever is vibrationally aligned. The power of intention roars into our power of creation. Intentions focus the energy and when we focus energy, amazing gifts can appear. We can call forth whatever we want in life. To obtain sometimes we have to lighten the load to make space... yet we can truly call forth and intend whatever we want. It's just about focusing our energy towards whatever it is we call forth.

This is why intentions are powerful.

What we believe to be true, simply is. There is no one truth in a sense. Our reality's are a reflection of what we believe to be true within ourselves. The way we view the world is through what we believe. We can believe in anything imaginable or beyond because everything is infinite. Belief really does run deep. I am simply skimming the surface with these words. I feel as though that's all we can really do with words... because everything is so much deeper than the language of words.

I have learned over the years that there is no need to feel like anybody is wrong in their truth, as everyone is living their reality for their purposes and that is perfect the way it is.

I'm here to share my truth. I have read many truths of others that have activated my own within. We all connect on many different levels.

I feel like there is so much power in knowing that what you believe is true for us in our reality. Because we find that we have the power to shift our whole belief system into something that is aligned more with what we truly want for ourselves/who we truly are. What do you believe to be true about yourself? What do you believe to be about your life? You hold the pen my dear friend. What shall you write??? If you want to believe nothing and purely stick to logical ego mind and live in a world where that is all, that's perfect. If you wanna live in a world of magic and rainbows and fun, perfect. If you wanna live a life of easy flow and divine peace inside, perfect! You see whatever we choose for ourselves is what we believe to be true for ourselves. In saying this, rest in the knowing that whatever we choose for ourselves is exactly what we need.

Rise in the knowing that we create through our belief systems.

Rise in the knowing that we create with our intentions.

The universe is always watching. I say this but let me explain this a little further. The universe is made up of energy. Frequency and vibration. Our beliefs and intentions have a certain energetic format that emits into the field. The universe instantaneously reciprocates that energy with returning it to us. The delay in receiving is because of the density of the dimension. The higher the vibration, the quicker and less densely, energy moves. Everything just is, in the now. Yet we live here with many densities that slow everything down. It strings it out so we may learn.

See if you can notice the difference once you start believing in higher ways. Notice the difference when you begin intending from the heart. Begin in every moment. The universe replies to abundance with abundance. If we believe we are lacking and when we share, we are sharing from a place of lack guess what is going to be reflected? If we believe in the gratitude of what is here for us in this moment and we share from a place of pure love and faith guess what is going to be reflected ? More to be grateful for and acts of love from others as you have given with pure intentions. When I say the universe is watching. I also mean energy doesn't lie. Energy doesn't judge. Energy just is. And moves as it is. We are a directive and creative force that directs our energy and surrenders into our energy when we observe the workings of the mind. We have the power in how we want to play this game of energy. Call forth that which is your hearts desires and have faith in the unraveling to allow those desires to come to you.

Believe and intend with your heart and you will never be disappointed.

May we only believe that which is pure in our hearts.

May this be our anchor while travelling through distortions.

May we always bring ourselves back to that which is pure in our hearts.

Infinite love and eternal blessings.


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