Being Unapologetically Myself

The need to recognize when something doesn’t feel right. The need to step into full awareness of my own reactions from fear. Full awareness of the others reactions from fear. It’s important to recognize the coding and programs. This is de-coding. This is de-fracking the field. Yes when you feel there is something up with the other it is usually known straight away if you are clear. Then this can start to play in you the more you allow yourself to be drifted into the fragments. When you allow full awareness and consciousness to come through you can also see the “higher calling” as well. When we open to the answers which “drop in” and are so accessible the more you open to all perspectives. Then it is the duty of following through on the higher consciousness awareness. To be responsible for what has occurred. To express then from a space of full awareness and consciousness.

When you start to question and doubt yourself, that is when you have allowed the head to take over. When you are aware of the codes in the first place you can detach and decode from present moment awareness.

Conscious creator.

I just had this amazing revaluation. I would always feel sorry or “oh shit I’m doing this wrong” or “he’s doing this wrong” in different moments in time. And I released that the most important thing to remember when de-programming our minds and remaining freely sovereign is in the pure awareness. Awareness of the whole. Zero point awareness which means being from the center and seeing the whole picture.

Seeing the threats my own human feels. Seeing the threats that they feel. It’s okay it’s our humans. Picking up exactly what is occurring inside is so important. The need to always go outside to fix things and blame, is a trap into a loop cycle of digression.

So taking a good look at the pain and the blame and the “he shouldn’t” or “be better” (which is all hijacked with control) can free us from it. Literally seeing it for what it is which is pain and a trap of loss allows us to integrate that aspect who is hurt. That fragmented piece of our soul who wants to be bought home to peace.

Awareness allows this. When you allow awareness and you open up to the whole this also means you open to higher consciousness. You open to your soul. You take a look at the harsh truths because you feel safe doing so inside. Your soul provides safety and it always provides a space to understand and see more in expansive and progressive ways because your soul only wants you to feel whole again. Your soul wants to bring all into unity and this is what the aspects cry out for when triggered into pain. Unity. Love. Awareness. Presence.

Reactions from fear show us where we can finally bring it home to love. Going outside to fix or blame removes all the soul intelligence from the moment. It doesn’t allow the whole.

Its is important to be aware and responsible for what comes through your field. You are responsible for how you work it. And now that you are remembering to breathe and look inside instead of outside, you are finding your way back home.

We get hurt over and over and we look outside as to they did this or this when in essence we are so responsible for our own EMISSIONS and what we emit tells us where our consciousness is functioning from. This is where being responsible when something comes up that’s not of love is so important. Anything else is of fragmented timelines. The power is in the awareness of the whole.

Stay present my loves. With yourself. With everyone. Everyone is doing the best they can in this world of heaven and hell. The best thing you can do is work on the internal workings of your own mind and energy. This unlocks gifts and powers that are unimaginable as you literally activate super consciousness through the 12 strand DNA and gain access to heaven quite literally while being in earth. Being the masters of our scape. We are the conscious creators of this anchoring of the heavens.

We need to become aware of our own internal scape of fragments and wholeness. Become aware of our intuition and soul. This internal shifting from hell to heaven will set us free. Become aware of the whole within. There is so much to learn about all our aspects within. The now. Present. Watch and learn from the depths of your soul and the depths of your traumas. They show you. It’s not about anyone else it never has been.

This is going on in you. In you is where you live. In you is where your freedom is. In you is heaven. In you is where you can transcend the limitations of your world.

In you.


Be with you

In you





In you

In you



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