We are emerging. From the depths of our wounds into the transformation of the new. New ways of being. New ways of working. New ways of flowing. Of loving, of forgiving, of accepting, of letting go, of moving forward, of being still. We are finding our center. We are emerging into the clear flow of the channel within. Connected. Learning how to navigate. We are naturally doing this. This is a natural occurrence conjured by our very soul. We are travelling up the river of life and we are navigating the waters in new ways. We are listening to the waters in new ways. We are emerging. All in new ways as we taste the ever present flow of our own love within. Being a reflection and divine alchemist of anything not of. Love. Eternal life force energy.

Seep in and marinate in the light of your open heart space. This is your portal to who you truly are. This is your portal to clarity and deep surrender. Allowing the chaos to be outside while we rest deeply in the center of our tender heart. Moment to moment. We learn to retreat to this space of an open heart. Radiating. Caressing. Nurturing. The magnetic pull of these new experiences here is from the magnetic energy of the heart. As we learn to navigate life and chaos through an open heart, we are alchemizing heaven on earth here. Heaven on earth for ourselves and our own soul evolution , for the groups we participate in, the relationships and friendships we are in and for this planet, to live in harmony and divine heart flow.

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