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 into a space of  space of activation, soul expansion and mastery

 Explore this space to find the creations that flow 



  Infinite love, Katie 

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Kaitlyn's energy is instantly felt when coming into her field. She emits a frequency of deep acceptance and love for everyone. Through her journey in the last five years; she has learned to transcend limitations and re-program her mind to work with her in her ascension. Kaitlyn loves and nurtures everyone in her presence and she has been opening her heart portal wider and wider as she ascends. Kaitlyn has experience in many different forms of energy work, reading of energy, de-coding and de-fracking, grid work, mediumship, light language ,light encoded transmissions, group sound healings, guiding group meditation, poetry, writing, channeling, crystal healing, quantum healing, creating jewelry and art.  


Kaitlyn is always open to learning more and expanding her experience and wisdom. She allows others to find their own truth and directs beings to their power within. Powerful heart opening and generator of love, she welcomes all in her space of sacredness. Her visions of a world of peace emit into her reality and motivate her to free herself entirely from the old matrix. Her mission is to be love and transcend all through love within her physical vessel. She also supports many others in this process and is always willing to share from her own experience to assist those who resonate to find the keys for their own codes. 


Kaitlyn see's divinity in all and welcomes a new way of being in harmony and peace here with earth.  

A Few Facets of Kaitlyn 


May you be kissed with the eternal blessings that love is. May you be kissed in the eternal blessing that you are. May you find freedom in the moment of now. May you see you and how beautiful you are.

So it be.

One Love. 

Infnite love.